The Montague Reporter

Also serving Erving, Gill, Leverett and Wendell


Founded in 2002, The Montague Reporter, is a local independent weekly community print newspaper, published on Thursdays. (Every other week in July and August.)

The Reporter started over 10 years ago as a small grassroots endeavor and has since grown to be a pillar of the community. With over 1000 subscribers and store located sales, our paper provides an important community service.

We are a non-profit organization, supported by and operating for the benefit of the communities we cover: the five villages of Montague, and the towns of Erving, Gill, Leverett, and Wendell.

The mission of the Montague Reporter is to run a newspaper that reflects the news and views of the communities we serve. The newspaper reports on and discusses the particular interests of the people in those towns, and serves as a vehicle for sharing the ideas, concerns and opinions of the residents and fosters well-informed, cohesive, economically vital communities.

Headed by a volunteer board of directors, and run by a mixed volunteer and freelance staff, the Reporter provides news, arts and feature coverage to nine upper Pioneer Valley villages and towns in Western Massachusetts that are proud communities with a vibrant history and engaged citizens.

Help us continue to write the first draft of history! We welcome news, opinions, ads, calendar listings, help, and other contributions!

Advertising and copy deadline is on Mondays.

Please also contact us for a newspaper issue or subscription, bumpersticker, T-shirt or donation!


The Montague Reporter

177 Avenue A

MA 01376






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